My laptop's internet won't connect when my brother plays Xbox?

I have a Windows 8.1, and am therefore used to having connectivity problems with my laptop. I've always thought I was the issue in the connectivity. His Xbox works, my mom's iPad works, and my 3DS works online. It's always mine that doesn't connect. It usually will simply display as Limited. Usually we can call Time Warner Cable and ask them to send out a signal boost, and after resetting everything I can connect again. However, I've recently noticed a correlation between my internet issues and my brother's Xbox usage. I know he plays his games online, so I'm assuming it's somehow causing my problems.
If my theory is correct, how can I go about fixing this? Do we need to get more up-to-date technology? All of our Wifi devices are fairly old, probably well over 5 years, I would say possibly 10. Do we need a new router or modem? Are there still options I have in my laptop to ensure I have optimal settings for my connection? My mom and I have agreed this is ridiculous, and can't continue and we are willing to update whatever we need to, we just aren't sure what the next step to take is.
Thank you!
Asked Apr 14, 2014

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