Am I a bad friend please answer or I will kill myself

i my self think I am a good friend but my twin sister and my bff says otherwise

-i know for a fact that a best friend must have EVERYTHING in common like,looks and personality must be the exact same way
(here is what I do well my bra is bigger than hers cause a 32B is defiantly bigger than a 32D but I stuff them to her size but mine are still bigger I also widen my eyes to make them look like hers I got rid of my freckles cause she does not have any either I also made my personality exactly like hers)

well my bff says my personality is nothing like hers and we look nothing alike and that I need to cut the bs I beg to differ we are the same cause I said so and my sister and her said that is not fair at all and that its bullshit oh and I also told my bff that she and I are the same exact person *kind of like you reader we are the same person and I'm going to tell you now get back in my head you don't belong here*
Asked Apr 10, 2014
One, dont kill urself over that or anything really
Two, 32B is smaller than 34D...
Three, Bffs dont have to be exactly alike. Ever hears the saying opposites attract? Its true. U dont have to be exactly like her. If she is really ur friend she wud like u for u and not as a clone of herself.
Answered Apr 15, 2014
No you aren't a bad friend.. And please don't hurt yourself as the title suggests. But back to your question, just be yourself. You and your traits are representations of yourself, not of others, and I'd really appreciate it if you were you, who you really are without pressure and such, because I think you'd be a lot less worried as well :)
If you need to talk to anyone please feel free, and be careful. Please do not kill yourself, try to, or participate in self harm../:
Answered Apr 14, 2014
i was not really going to hurt myself don't be such a dumb ass or i'll cum on you EHEHEHE
....... I'd suggest not. I apologize for being such a dumb ass again, but don't talk to me or anyone else like that. Clear? Freakin tired of people and this shit.
Wow. Bitch she answered ur q. Ur the fucking dumb ass. If u didnt want people saying that u shouldnt kill urself then u shouldnt have said it. Its not something to joke about. So look whos the dumb ass now. Who would fucking cum on someone? Dumb ass bitch... sorry but its true. U start. I finish. Ciao!
Thank you Imawalrus :3
Yw haha
Cum threats these days😒😂
Answered Apr 15, 2014
Yup. There's always someone.
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