Does anyone know why.

Does anyone know why in certain neighborhoods, particularly poorer or lower class neighborhoods there are generally people loitering or hanging out/sitting around outside of their homes on the porch steps or just outside of their homes? I have seen this even in warm weather. I have not seen this though in the nicer more upscale neighborhoods. What is the correlation? Are there any articles or studies on this? Thank you in advance!
Asked Apr 10, 2014
i've seen it myself I live in an area that does this,they may just wanted to get some fresh air or just to hang out on their porch,or someone is cooking and the house is smoked up and they decided to go could be anything really lots of people have different reasons
Answered Apr 20, 2014
Answered Apr 10, 2014
Stop doing this your getting on everyones nerves you're no help at all,your just being a pain in the ass

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