My life is so horrible I am going to kill myself….

EHEHEHEHEHEHEH I fooled you cause i'm a creepy sadist and I'm gonna rip off your arm and hump it back on
Asked Apr 10, 2014
Edited Apr 10, 2014
Internet trolls have really gotten less and less creative and effective :/
Answered Apr 10, 2014
xD so true
You know I was actually worried someone was going to. This is a site where people can talk freely and others can help. Somebody I knew actually posted something about asking if they should kill themselves. I recognised they're username and immediately went to her house. People put that she should thinking she was joking. She wasn't. She had been suicidal for months, always on the verge of breaking. And that pushed her over the edge. By the time I got there, I was too late. Plus, my sister was suicidal, I walked in on her trying to commit suicide and made her stop. So, if you think suicide is a joke, you are a sick, sick, sick person.
Answered May 08, 2014

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