I am really worried about things, am I being silly?

well I am worrying over things that have happened months or years ago but I don't know why! for example: I drew a moustache on a pic in class and the teacher went mental but didnt know it was me, and wanted somebody to own up, but I havnt. and I am worrying that after 2 months it might be mentioned again in class or someone might grass on me, even though nothing has happened about it after like 7 lessons (2 months worth) or like for example: 2 years ago I called someone something really offensive at my old primary school, and the head teacher got involved but I never owned up to it because I would have gotten into SERIOUS trouble. but that is at my old school and happened years ago, but it is still worrying me in the back of my mind because I lied and my parents and the teachers thought I was telling the truth, but I was actually just being really offensive and a big liar. also I worry about things that I shouldnt be worrying about like if I have done my hmwk correctly or if I have done enough hmwk or I might get told off by my REALLY scary teacher. please answer and no cocky or silly answers plz. what shall I do? will it be ok? am I worrying over nothing? and would you worry about any of the examples above? thanks.
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Asked Apr 09, 2014
Live and let live. Forgive yourself for what you have done and stop worrying. Fretting over these things gets you nowhere. Worrying about having done the homework correctly is the only major concern, but knowing you did your best should be calming enough. As for the rest, unless you plan to fess up to what you did, let it go.
Answered Apr 09, 2014
The same thing happens to me it is a gift but also a curse. People like you and me always want to better ourselfs which is good. But because of this we shun ourselfs greatly for the tiniest mistakes. Sometimes it can get unbearable when we make a big one. Just remember that things are in the past and this makes you a good person because you want to better yourself.
Answered Apr 09, 2014
I think you asked something similar to this before :3
As I said in a previous answer, don't worry about it ^.^
I am like this too. Always worrying about tiny details, and if it's not perfect then it's like the world will end.

Things will always happen. Nothing will be perfect, if it was perfect then it wouldn't be perfect because you wouldn't learn anything from it. If you take a look at these instances- you learned from them right? That's all there is that you can do with these issues really, is to evaluate them or forget them. But that's currently all they're there for since the time frame is too spread apart, and honestly confessing now wouldn't do anything if you're worried about that or considering. People may be mad, but it's still a form of "nothing instance" I guess. If that makes sense.. Just think. Would you do that again? Would you fess up if it happened again? Why or why not? Just provide backup to your own personal reasoning as to why you're you, everyone does it some way. If you back up your personality with these supporting beliefs than in my personal opinion it does get a little better. Yes, major concerns still freak me out, so do many minor ones. But you can't get far by worrying right? Just do your best with your homework and with life and it'll pay off. Nothing negative lasts forever, but nothing positive does either.

I hope that helps, or makes sense. I'm kinda tired, so I'm not sure if my message has so many grammical errors that it'd need to be decoded by a scientest or something. I hope I helped either way though. Don't worry^.^
Answered Apr 09, 2014

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