Do women care when men look at their boobs

I'm a really horny teenager and I always find myself looking at girls boobs. I dont mean to do it, but they're just out there and I can't help but look. I've only been caught twice by the same girl and the girl seemed to like it. The first time she had a low cut shirt and she saw me looking and smiled then pushed her boobs up. The second time she walked into class and sat where she normally sits across from me and she unzipped her coat so that I was able to see more of her boobs. Can mainly women answer I want to get your opinion
Asked Apr 07, 2014
Well that's normal really as a teenage guy.

I'd say that if she's wearing a shirt that's so low cut, she obviously won't mind too much.

Honestly though, I think most girls do mind because then they feel less important and compared and not wanted in the end. That's how our heads work. Even if nothing is said, it eventually leads to overthinking (for the majority)

This girl may not mind but a lot aren't too fond of guys pressuring them either. That's an automatic turn off. Just remember, because this girl doesn't mind, doesn't mean others would be okay with it.

I hope that's the answer you're looking for. If not, I'm sorry to have wasted people's time. Carry on
Answered Apr 07, 2014
Thanks this helped
I don't really mind. I mean girls pretend they don't like it but secretly they kinda do.
I mean it's actually funny because you little cute things are so sexually frustrated haha.
Answered Apr 15, 2014

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