How do u make masterbation feel pleasurable.

the title kinda states my point. im 10 female and I wnt to masterbate but I only want to use fingers... how do u make it feel good?
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Asked Apr 07, 2014
Im sorry. But a 10 year old should not be worried about masturbation.
yea shes right
hiyaaa Apr 07, 2014
Wish I could lick u out
Ignore tongue man
lol tongue man
I'd be happy to help you. Nah just kidding. If you have never heard of it look up pornography. If you have never seen it before you may be shocked. Look up female masturbation pornography and try what the other women do. But don't get caught doing any of this or you'll definitely get yourself into trouble.
Answered Apr 07, 2014
I'm going to have to disagree with you, I don't think you should watch/look at pornography at any age, it's super addicting and wrong. I made the mistake by looking at a few photos, and almost let myself get addicted. So I ask you not to encourage this, she is only ten anyway. Sorry if I am being rude, but still— I get very uncomfortable with anyone who watches porn.
I agree. It's not only addicting, it gives many expectations that are very unreasonable an extreme. The fact is, porn stars are actors. They get paid to do this, and its not even enjoyed by them a lot of times. Also, a lot of these people come from poor families and have been use as sex trafficking, which has horrible effects on people. Not to mention, if you watch porn, you'll see thy there is hardly even any contact except for genitals. This is not what happens in real life at all except mabey for hookers. It's best to just stay away from that stuff. Not to mention its technically illegal unless you're 18 or older.
I agree, and ten is a little young to masturbate. Wait till at least 13
not technically, puberty starts at 10 formost people, so ^ thats just you
fuck your self with a cactus!!
Answered Apr 10, 2014
So lame
i know right she's a fucking idiot

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