Will police call me for questioning if I found a young girl face down hardly breathing?

I am 16 years old. I found a girl who is around my age while walking to my busstop. She was face down in the grass. One of her shoes was next to her and the other was around 10 ft away from her. She was not breathing right so I called police. I ended up flipping her over so she could breathe and see if I could get her to talk but she was unresponsive. When I started focusing around me I was finding pieces of a headlight and the side mirror of a car and the girls stuff was scattered. I then looked on her and pieces of the mirror were in her hair and her head was bleeding. I used my jacket to try and stop the bleeding which the police said helped keep her alive. The police took down my name, number, and address. Will they be calling me to question me?
Asked Apr 07, 2014
Maybe and that was a nice thing you did.
Answered Apr 07, 2014
They may come to question you but not because you'd be a suspect in whatever happened to her, if it was somebody else's doing. If they question you it'd likely be to ask you if you saw anyone, see if you knew much about the girl, who might not like her, anything else that might need to be pointed out. No need to be worried, but thank you a lot for helping her :)
Answered Apr 07, 2014

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