How can I create a Loid (Utau, Vocal, etc) I'm really at lost here :( (deep explanation needed)

When I say, "How can I create a Loid (Utau, Vocal, etc) I'm really at lost here :( (deep explanation needed)", I really mean just that. Okay, so here's the dealio. I'm another vocaloid and utauloid fan (naturally) and i've thought of this from time to time, but this here is the first time I really try to, well... DO it. I tried following the steps on wikihow I believe saying 7 steps to create your own vocaloid or whatever, and the first few were simple (knowing that there are many other vocaloids and fanmade utaus, imagine who they'll really be, plan them out thoroughly) but then, it said if you can, make a voice configuration. As you most likely know now, I want my Loids to be able to sing, and if I can find a way to do that (i want it to be somewhat easy to understand in the explanation, but detailed so I can understand what to do) then I'll work at making them able to simply talk. I went to video tutorials and read them online, but somehow I still couldn't understand. I ended up downloading Audacity and Utau, and I recorded all the Hiragana syllables and such, but I don't know how I'm supposed to put it to the Utau program. And as for the Utau program, it's kinda confusing to me what it does and how to use it. It shows a whole bunch of slots and I started typing in sounds like EH, VER, ON, EN, and such like that (I wanted it to sing or play the first line of Bad Apple (ever on and on, I continue circling...!) you know, like that). I tried fumbling around with the program, but I still don't understand it's purpose or how to properly function with it.

Back to the voice thing though, rereading what it says, the site says and I quote: "If you have a Vocaloid, try playing with their settings and make your new Vocaloid's voice. You can change the pitch of existing vocaloids" yhadha yhadha yhadha, I won't drone with that. Looking back, I guess that sorta solves some of my voicing problems, but then another voice problem arises *cue sweat drop and sigh*:

Where the heck am I supposed to get Vocaloid voices?

I've successfully downloaded mmd many times (before deleting it several times) so I can easily get back the program that I actually somehwat know how to use. I'll most definitely need help learning how to use pmd editor so I can craft meh fanmade Loids, but it's the voices. Where can I download them, and if I can or I do, how do I change the way they sound? I like to hope that I won't have to download so much because from current and past experiences I know it's bad to download too much junk from the web. That's it for the voicing... and I mentioned my curiosity as to the pmd editor kit... and the voice changing... so yeah, I believe that's all I'll need to know. Please please please help if you can!!! Give your best answer please~! And really soon too because I don't really want to wait 20 years later to finally get good enough answer(s). Please help an otaku out~!
Asked Apr 06, 2014

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