ok there's this guy lets call him jake and me and jake were great friends a them something clicked and we just hated each other and six months ago he got on my friends phone and started being mean to me and I knew it was him and so I got my friend and let's call her faith and me and faith and jake just started being really mean to each other and now he's mum knows and I met her before and she's scary and now she wants to meet me and jake and I go to different schools and now Jakes mum turned up at my school with jakes friend and demanding me and faith but I was late to school that day so I had no idea this happened and next year I'm going to jakes school and I'm scared he's gonna bully me HELLLPP PLEASE
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Apr 05, 2014
Talk to your parents or some elder about it.
Answered Apr 05, 2014
I have but still no changes
Make a friend who will look out for you and protect you...
And don't be scared cuz it wont help the situation.
Jane16 Apr 07, 2014

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