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What are some entertaining video games?
Asked Apr 03, 2014
ZOMG!!! Your new to video games, aren't you? Heres some advice before telling you epic games:


1)Don't play mobile games.... Just don't.
2)Don't do transactions for free games.... Just don't! Most of them are money milking companys
3)Don't buy DLC!!! (Although there *are* good DLCs.... But you should torrent them if you like REALLY want them!)

Facts about torrents!

1)What is a torrent? A torrent is a file (usually ZIP) that is located on a dudes PC, and he uploads the IP address (or whatever its called) to a torrent website, and lets say YOU want that, so you get the IP thingy and use that on your utorrent downloader, and download from his PC, now he *can* put a virus in it! He can and he may! But if he did, the comments would be fulled with "U HAZ VIRUS" and stuff, so always check the comment section and your good to go!

2) Make sure there are at LEAST 6 seeders! (A seeder is the ammounts of "dudes" letting you download from their PC, the more there are, the faster the download)


OK, now for some EPIC games!!! (I will turn you into 1) a pirate and 2) a procrastinator!!)

Classic/casual (has one of my FAV game):

Game Dev Tycoon: You make games from the years 1970-2014 and become the best of the best or just EA. Your choice man...

The Stanley parable: THE MOST EPIC GAME EVA!!! No comment. (its a narrative exploration game of a building. Just try it out its just like 1GB)

Spore: Not the best game, but its good, kinda.....

Prison Architect: You make a prison!!! That sounds fun!!!

Strategy/war/like that games:

Medieval 2 Total war: The best Total war game EVA and best war game in my opinion. Its about using one of the 17 factions available and dominating the earth!!! (Or most of it....) I say worth a try!

Antichamber: THE BEST GAME OF 2012!!! Or in the strategy department!!! Its SOOO good! its a puzzle game...

Banished: Its a city building game! Its VERY hard... I didn't expect to lose it so many times!

FTL: You will use spacebar MORE than you use it in Mass Effect 3!! (If you've played it anyway) Its about..... Ummm... Just google it!

Other Games:

KSP (kerbal space Program): You own NASA and dominate the earth....... FUN!

World of Goo: I got stuck on level 6...... Yeah its a strategy game shouldn't have put it here....

Free Games:

World of Tanks: :P
World of Warships (when it comes out)


Its my childhood game!!!

Best Games in my Opinion: Medieval 2, the Stanley Parable and Antichamber!!!

Told ya you will become a procrastinator!!!
Answered Apr 21, 2014
I highly recommend LBP or LBP2 (LittleBigPlanet) it is one of my favorite games for PS3 (if you have one!) if you like creativity, then LBP2 is the perfect game! You can do anything from customize your own character, to creating your own levels with an abundance of tools and different selections of music! You can play the cute, tame story levels, or totally go crazy in the LBP2 community levels where other players create their own! The LBP2 creators even select levels they especially like DAILY! You can play alone, or in groups up to 4. Your headset works too with this game aswell and makes communicating with your peers easier than tying it out through your little speech bubbles. Yes, your given speech bubbles too, and you get to pick whatever color you want them in. You can certainly be you when exploring the world of LBP2!

Ps) add me on PS3 (if you have it ^^) I'm DAT_GIRL2024!
Answered May 06, 2014
One more! Red Dead Redemption! (RDR) it's super cool and sets you in the world of the west! Your a cowboy! So cool! It's realistic and can be set to whatever difficulty level you want. Easy, hardcore, or nightmare ;) nightmare has zombies...super scary to play at night considering the eerie music and fog. I'm getting chills from writing this at 9:30... It's fun to play online and meet other cowfolk, even better that you can travel to different areas of the map and meet a differnt ANIMALS every section. Some areas have rattlesnakes, others wolves, some goats and wild horses, even bears and wild buffalo! And the list goes on, my friend! You really get the feeling you're there and the western accents defiantly help, lol. I love this game just as much as LBP2, and I'm sure it shows! Check it out and like I said, add me if u have PS3 ^^!
LVL UP EXPO is an excellent Gaming Convention in Vegas, covering Video games, card games, board games and all of the pop culture & art that inspired them!
Answered Apr 15, 2017
Sonic Forces is a platform game developed by Sonic Team .Here you can get best video Nerd Odyssey: Sonic Forces Playthrough.
Answered Jan 27, 2018
This is the top video games in 2018 I know
"Dragon Ball Fighter Z" Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
"Monster Hunter: World" Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC (release date unknown for PC version)
"Shadow of the Colossus" Platforms: PlayStation 4
"Bayonetta" / "Bayonetta 2" Platforms: Nintendo Switch
"Pac-Man: Championship Edition 2 Plus" Platforms: Nintendo Switch
"Kirby Star Allies" Platforms: Nintendo Switch
"Burnout Paradise Remastered" Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
"Sea of Thieves" Platforms: Xbox One, PC
"A Way Out" Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
"Far Cry 5" Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
"God of War" Platforms: PlayStation 4
Nintendo Labo (and its games) Platforms: Nintendo Switch
"State of Decay 2" Platforms: Xbox One, PC
Answered May 09, 2018

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