Im scared of my teacher I think he wants to rape me!

hes a welsh guy who keeps touching children im scared that hes going to come for me next help??!?!?
Asked Apr 03, 2014
You need to tell your Parents and the school to and just say your scared and don't like it
Answered Apr 03, 2014
I agree with heyheyaskme
Let the principal know and your parents too.
Answered Apr 05, 2014
How old r u
Answered Apr 03, 2014
it doesn't matter how old she is shes scared and talking about RAPE the two things together just makes me sick ok tell u a parent that u can really express to more likely that parent will tell the outher parent and they will tell the principle they will do that if there good parents the princele will talk to you and outher girls feeling threatened by him and if everything adds up then he should get fierd :) try it trust me it should work I mean I should kno :)
Answered Sep 17, 2015

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