Give me detailed explanations why this happens

1.A raw egg will have a tiny stream of air bubbles coming out when put in hot water

2.A hard boiled egg will dry in about 8-10 seconds. A soft-boiled egg will dry in about 18-20 seconds.

3.If the light shows through, the egg is raw.
If the egg is boiled, the contents will be solid and the egg will be opaque; it will not let the light through.
Asked Apr 02, 2014
1 its is cause the egg has little air pockets in it and it is releasing them as it is being cooked.

2. hard is cooked and ;lost most of its moisture while the uncooked egg is packed full of the moisture it prevuoisly lost in the cooking process

3. the raw egg is translucent while the cooked egg is not. and thats how science goes my friend.
Answered Apr 02, 2014

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