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The Problem 2

RG is a system developed at Xerox PARC for image processing. It is based on a mode of image processing that has been developed over several years by other PARC Researchers . Programs in RG are written in terms of operations on entire images, rather than working a pixel at a time. All the operations are purely functional; no image is destructively updated. The system is built on a collection of primitive image filters that that take one or more input images to produce an output image. The library defines higher level filters on top of these. Client programmers then define their own filters out of the primitives and the higher level library filters.
The advantage of using this domain model is that it makes it relatively easy to develop complex image Processing applications. The system has been used to develop applications such as table recognizers and document genre recognizers with the code being a fraction of the size it would otherwise have been. The resulting applications are easier to maintain and modify, because the core image processing is expressed at a very high level of abstraction.

For the given case studies perform the following tasks:
1. List all the objects involved.
2. Make corresponding possible Classes.
3. For each class write its data members.
4. For each class write its member functions.
5. Make a system model.
Asked Mar 31, 2014

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