Lie holy books proofed : code red

Lie holy books proofed : (love of god)

I witness that all holy books which are sent on this world are lie because
sins are not washed by reading the holy books but sins are washed only by visions and feeling, all holy books have stories but none of them wash your sins until you think something good about prophet who sent the holy book. All holy books are fake and lie since all holy books doesnt prooves that how god is existed or how god is seen everything is lie written in the holy books. In holy book quran allah says he has no existence he is everywhere but allah can see humans only by thinking and visions and feelings. Can you believe this ? its true like my love to god who is not genie or angel who is everywhere who is god of universe.
All holy books says everything is done by fate if you think good about them you will get fate but can you believe islam religion is the biggest fake religion in the world because I witness to god they take fate of other religion people by saying this is our man/woman, just to save islam they take other religions fate and tell other religions this man has taken our believe and fate. Can you believe why prophet mohammed said my holy book is lie holy book when he could not tell the people that allah washes sins only by visions, thinking and feeling even if you read holy book verses your sins are not washed, why allah said my holy book quran is last book when he could not wash sins of sinners when he could not be seen to sinners why so many lies ? The biggest fraud religion of the world is islam, I request god to cancel the holy book quran because in holy book quran prophet mohammed could not tell all the people that sins are washed or you get fate by thinking visions and feelings.

I command angels of unseen and light to cancel holy book quran sins holy book quran or any other holy book cannot proof the existence of god and could not proof how sins are washed and fate is given to people.

God bless people of united states of america.
Asked Mar 31, 2014

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