What are the cultural issues for the following case study?

Jess is a 10 yr old Aboriginal girl who lives with her family. Her mum Ruth doesn't work and her dad Wayne works for the council. She has four siblings - twin sisters who are older than her and in their final year of school, and two brothers who are younger. One is in primary school and the other is 11 months old. They all live together in the suburbs.

Jess is in a wheelchair due to a car accident when she was three years old. Jess's mum Ruth has coped well with Jess's needs. Ruth's mum Maggie has come to live with the family and she has diabetes, which she is controlling with diet and medication. because of her diabetes, her eyesight is poor and her left leg has several ulcers that need to be bathed and bandaged everyday, which effects her mobility.

The local Indigenous health worker, who has had contact with Maggie, has given Ruth the number of the local HACC respite centre that looks after Indigenous clients.

The HACC coordinator organised a home visit and realised that Ruth was not coping well, as she was receiving very little support from her husband and eldest daughters, who are studying for their end of year exams. She has offered Ruth domestic assistance and Maggie has been offered personal care.

The local Indigenous respite centre also runs a program for young people with a disability.

The coordinator has organised a care worker to take Jess to the centre as a social outing.

Ruth has arrived at your service distressed and angry.

She feels people think shes not capable of looking after her family. She doesnt want strangers in her home going through her things and doesnt want her kids to go somewhere else when they need help. Her mum has been telling her stories of children being taken away when their parents are not coping. She fears Jess will be taken to the centre and not returned.

Ruth indicated that she is feeling that her family is slipping away and she is showing resentment to care workers and refuses to let them into her home.

Asked Mar 29, 2014

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