Do you want a tarot card reading?

I can give you a tarot card reading no question or topic needed.
I will give you a insight on your life.
Please provide your first name only, country and age if you can.
Asked Mar 28, 2014
Edited Mar 29, 2014
What. Ok
Answered Mar 28, 2014
Edited Mar 29, 2014
I am getting your sense of a want for something. In this case a pony or horse. To get one there has to be money. You have to work for it, hard. It will not just fall on your lap. I am getting laziness about school work. Do your homework. Don't rush things. There is a dreamer in you. I see a loss of friends and new ones coming in a few years. I see you like art and craft. You are having a fantasy about getting something that you may not get. There is a opportunity or invitation coming up for you be a good girl and you will get it.
Awesome expect I am not that lazy doing my homework.
rcr12 Mar 29, 2014
I feel as though you could put in more effort and you will be more smarter. I am getting that you are an extremely bright girl for your age and very wise. You are quite clever and smart too. I know you can do better and work harder though. You could get really good at english and art which will be good for the future.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
A vet and I work very hard at school to do stuff. I have quite a temper on me and when I fall I pick my self up straight up.
rcr12 Mar 29, 2014
Can I have one?
Answered Mar 29, 2014
I am getting that you are a bit older. I see courage will bring victory. Success seems certain. Choose love over hate. I am getting you have desires for material things. You are strong in a sense of giving good advice. Future events may or may not occur depending on how you handle the present moment. Your health may fail. I see a need for change. Sadness regarding relationships. You are roaming without a destination. Develop your spiritual self. Dishonesty may take place.
Interesting. I am a reader myself, and I have been developing my spiritual self for many years. It's a constant process. Not sure what you mean about courage, and I'm pretty incapable of hate. Dislike, sure. Hate? Not so much.
And isn't it always true that future events depend on the here and now? Present is all important.
I am trying to imply that you constantly choose love over hate. Yes, I am getting a strong sense of spirituality. You need to have courage in doing things well and having a stronger approach to talk things through.
Thank you. :)
Answered Mar 29, 2014
You are a old and wise soul. I see success and a change for the future for the better. Chance is definitely on your side. You are going to represent the feelings of fulfillment and you will have justice. You will have peace but yet something will be missing. Your gain has obstacles. Life is standing still for you. Difficulties will stay the same as of now. There is false love or a misunderstanding. New friendships slowly awaken. I see fighting. You are disorganised although fresh starts are possible.
Interesting thanks..What do you mean by you see fighting?
I see a misunderstanding of love due to this unfortunate circumstances I see a spit or a argument if you may regarding a sense of a fake lover not being true to you.
lizzy 19 and america
Answered Mar 29, 2014
Sucess and a change or fortune for the better. Luck is coming your way. I see beauty. As fast as love comes as fast as anger comes. Courage comes in to play. New friendships arise. You have creative talents. Prosperity and pleasure are to be held in your hands. There is change or re birth as an individual. There is a skilled leader.
Lacey 15 america
Answered Apr 06, 2014

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