¿What are my chances of living and working in any country in the EU?

I'm a graduated of mechanical engineering as of two months ago, I speak: Spanish, English and Japanese. Right now I'm learning Dutch and Czech. I have two complementary courses related to my field of study, one in solar energy and the other on control robotics. Do you think it's possible for me to get a work permit and then within time, being naturalized as a citizen in that country? I'm looking for a stable job and earning the citizenship the right way. I've been working a lot to save enough money from a plain ticket and a stay in a hostel. My countries of preferences are: Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. I'm obligated to do this because in my country I can't get a job and things are getting a little ugly here. What documents do you think I need? I have a valid passport. Please any information or websites will be useful. Thank you for your answers.
Asked Mar 26, 2014
Merits of European passport

EU passports are among the most sought-after passports in the world. EU citizens can go into 153 countries without a visa. There are a lot of benefits of holding an EU citizenship, such as - international mobility and unrestricted working rights in the EU, transfer of your EU citizenship onto your children and grandchildren. EU citizenship grants EU citizens the rights, freedoms and legal protections accessible under EU law.

European Union citizens have the right to liberated movement, settlement and employment across the union. They get a hold of the right to consular protection by embassies of other EU member states when a person’s country of citizenship is not represented by an embassy in the far-off country in which they have need of protection or assistance. There are many more benefits, other than this, of being a citizen of any EU state. They are-

•The right to vote and the right to stand as a candidate at elections to the European Parliament & municipal elections
•Right to petition
•A right to access the credentials related to the belongingness to the EU nation-states.
•Move visa free between the 28 member states without restraint and stay there with lesser restrictions
•Subsidized tertiary education and scholarships
•Opportunities for global networking and career advancement along side high quality of life and free or very affordable tuition fees
•Right to establish a startup
•Way in to national healthcare system in any of the European Union’s 28 member states.
•Rapid tracking through customs
•Plan B & Privacy

How to get citizenship of Europe

Six key ways to acquire a European passport are –
•Citizenship by descent
•Citizenship by naturalisation

The European countries who proffer citizenship by descent programs are: Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Uk and Poland (along with others).

Every European country put forward an option to acquire European citizenship through a naturalization method.

In nearly every European country it is possible to become certified for permanent residency status if you manage to get a full time job there and start paying taxes other than satisfying other basic criteria.

Marrying an EU citizen ensures a fast-track process to residency and afterward citizenship.

A number of European countries such as Belgium, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Latvia proffer residency permits to individuals who set up a business.

Countries like Portugal, Spain, Greece, Latvia and Bulgaria offer a chance to acquire a naturalised EU citizenship by obtaining residency by investment.

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Even if European citizenship is highly in demand, it is not just easy to acquire. There are extensive background checks and authoritarian requirements to be eligible.

As per experts, Romanian, Bulgarian and Slovenian citizenship is the easiest and quickest European citizenship that one can get. The citizenship program of these countries is extremely smooth and straightforward.

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Answered Oct 28, 2021

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