Eat or not!? Please help!

So today when I woke up I had really bad nausea and my burp tasted like rotten eggs or something really bad. I also farted alot, but I'm kinda hungry now.. Also the taste of the burps have stopped. Should I eat or should I not? I had the same kinda burps earlier as I had when I threw up last time.. (2-3 months ago). And I find it hard to believe that I'm getting sick again because I rarely do get sick. I was home from school, I am 14. I have anxiety and I have a fear of Nausea and Vomiting (Emotophobia?), could that trigger the sudden nausea? I went to bed fine yesterday. We are having Pizza with Cheese and Ham, and the tomato sauce and stuff.. Should I eat it? Will I get worse, and will I throw up? I often tend to wake up with nausea (starting around the time I was sick llast time, I think) So yeah;

Can I eat this without getting worse or throw up?
Asked Mar 26, 2014
This really depends on you if you want to risk it, But if your super worried and afaird its a problem go get a check up with a doctor you can never be sure.
Answered Mar 26, 2014

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