I have a relationship problem, need urgent help please!

I am 16, girlfriend is 15. Both go to the same school (but I leave school in two weeks). Been going out with her since March 22, but been seeing her since March 15th ish.

I have took it fast I know, but I live in Doncaster and there is nothing to do really, it's just swimming (but don't want to go, I am embarrassed of my body), bowling (cannot go just me and her) and to the cinema. She is coming to my house on Friday night though so that is something but I need help because I don't want to drift from her.

I have Autism (makes it so much harder like doing stuff and I lack confidence) (she knows I have the social difficulties etc). I see her at school but it is just that I don't want to drift from her.

All help appreciated, just I need advice with what to do with her, oh, and should I get her a card or something with I love you on with a chocolate bar or something small, just to show I care for her? I want to put her first and myself second, but I don't exactly know how to.

Asked Mar 26, 2014
Just create a card for her that says, I LOVE YOU. Make sure on the last day you kiss her FULL on the lips, then try to convince her to get in your backpack to come home with you. After that, when your home, tell her you HAD to that you couldn't imagine being without her. Once she says its okay smash her with a FULL kiss on the lips again, just this time laying on top of her while humping her. Make sure the next day you WET hump her instead of DRY, IT'S boring!!!!
Answered Mar 26, 2014

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