Boyfriend left me for something I didnt do!

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my boyfriend left me for something I didnt do!?Please help me with advise. 1 week ago my boyfriend went on a coke binge which he rarely does but he did and went through my old fb nessages. He some somethings that made him wonder, I wrote to a guy friend please help me with money im in a hole and ill even sleep with you. It was stupid but I never did it. And it was from years ago..Anyways he decided I was a prostitute/ whore and started searching my namr in porn and found videos of women labeled with my first name and similar bodies masterbating. He was convinced they were all me! One wore a heart necklace similar to the one he got me and thinks its me! Ive asked him to send me videos . Some he has some he hasnt and ive traced eacb one and they come from south america! He wony listen to me. He is convinced they are me. I am so hurt. At first I thought it was paranoia from coke but its been almost 2 weeks! I cry every night bc he left me over this. He told me before he left that he wants to marry me and he will.. if I admit its me. I didnt because its not. He then called me a lieing whore and cut off all contact and disappeared... im so hurt sad.. I feel so betrayed. What should I do?

Asked Mar 26, 2014
He's not right for you. Let him go, I know it hurts but you deserve more. Find someone that'll truly love you. He doubts you and always will...that sounds cold but its the truth. A relationship can't work without trust. Please find the courage to let go, keep yourself busy with friends and family and I promise the right guy will step in.
scoobs Jun 10, 2014
I am sorry it hear it but maybe you have to get over him. I hate to be so cold. Since you have no contact with him it is no use and he should have believed you when you said I did not do it if he loved you.
Answered Mar 26, 2014
Id do the same if I found out my girlfriend was msging other blokes sex for money
Answered Jun 14, 2014
Move on if he didn't belive you and called you ALLL those things then he's not worth you (cocaine is illegal report him to the police (just some advice)) just find a better guy also never say things like that on fb EVER EVER EVER no matter what that's incredibly stupid (no offense
Answered Jun 14, 2014
No offense I know you needed help but you should never say things like that you never know what that person can do with that message (I.e print out the messages and post it all over school)
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