Forgot to feed pet?

So I had a busy day today and I got all the rabbit food ready to feed them after I come from school, as they have fresh hay in the morning and water and after school my mum told me to do homework first and I knew I had to feed the rabbit but because I did my homework I forgot it came to 10:20 and I remembered so I was about to go out to feed them and I didn't just want to wait and leave them all night with no veg or filling food/pellets and my dad said it was to late to feed them and I tried explaining and he just say it's too dark and too late and now I'm so sad and like tearing up a bit because of it. What shall I do to make my rabbits be okay with it and will they be ok ? I can't handle it I'm too sad I can't imagine there little faces right now :( it's like 11 now, and I've set an alarm for 5-6am to get up really early to feed them
Asked Mar 25, 2014
It's okay, I don't think they are going to starve to death. (Just do what you usually do the next day) I know how you kind of feel because I have to feed my parrots and my dog.
Answered Mar 25, 2014

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