Where can I buy a good pair of Diamond stud for men?

I want to get a pair of diamond studs for my boyfriend. I got him a pair a few years ago and he really liked it. I got that pair of earrings from a local jewelry store and it costs about 450, I later discovered online that they have the same pair of diamond studs earrings for almost half the price. I wouldn't mind spending money on buying a pair of earrings for him but I don't want to feel like I got ripped. It felt safer to buy it at the local jewelry store because it feels like they are more "real," I am tempted to buy them online cause they are so much cheaper, but I am afraid if I buy the diamond studs online the gems/gold may be lab synthetic, I want to get her the real stuff made up of real gems and gold. (Sorry if it sounds confusing)

So to sum it up:
1) If I purchase jewelry online and it comes with a certificate, does that mean they are made up of the real stuff?
2) Any recommendation on where I can purchase them online?
3) My budget is around $600 (Been saving for a while), the budget is adjustable, so it can go higher.

Side question: What is your take on the Bezel vs other types of Diamond, Bezel types seem to be more expensive, I have a mixed feeling about those types, I feel like they look better compared to others, but at the same time they seem to look a bit uglier than the regular types.
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Asked Mar 25, 2014
As your question I think you can get all solution if you searching through online. There are many online stores providing such real and certified diamond jewelry like jewelrybyraphael.com. You should not have any doubt on online store because there is various ways for certified an online store.
Answered Sep 16, 2014
I can help with this. You can check out this website: https://www.diagem.co.za/ . These are wholesale diamond dealer from South Africa. They offer diamonds in various shapes such as oval, emerald, cushion, round and more. They provide pure jewel pieces at an affordable price. Do take your time to explore.

Thanks! :)
Answered May 20, 2021

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