Guys Tell me ideas how to impress a girl?

guys I m 20 & I have no girlfriend. tell me the ideas how to impress a girl
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Asked Mar 20, 2014
1. Don't try to hard
2. Don't be too nice or too attached (you will be friend zoned!!!! You need to play the game!! Push and pull)
3. Don't try to impress by saying "I have a bmw" or "my parents own a yatch" (seems like your trying to hard, and truthfully.. you'll just attract girls that want a free chauffer :p )
4. Study her fashion taste. If she dresses laid back, thst means she likes a guy that dresses laid back... if she dresses hipsterish.. 99% she likes guys who rocks urban oufitters lol

Sorry if this sounds shallow but.. first impression counts!

5. Please do not list your flaws or talk about past failures or make yourself a pity party... you will be friend zoned. Its weird but.. 50% of the time, when a girl confides in you.. you are usually already in the friend zone. (Most girls dont talk and whine to the guys they like) although once you start dating its different.

6. Just be natural, be yourself.. if she doesn't like you for who you are.. shes just immature and not worth it

Good luck!
Answered Mar 20, 2014
Just be yourself. And treat her with respect. And you should also use one of those penis health cremes once a day. This will keep your penis skin extra clean and smooth.... girls love this and will totally be impressed by it. Most guys penises are nasty. Hope this helps and good luck.
Answered Mar 01, 2017

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