How can I get my parents to get a puppy

right all my friends have or are getting puppies for there 13th birthday my 13th birthday is in four months and my mum and stepdad say no more pets I have two cats and to dogs already but my friend has three dogs two cats and a horse and my mum says ask your dad and he said he isn't allowed pets is there anyway I can get my parents to get me a puppy for my 13th I have been doing everything but nothing is working please help
Asked Mar 19, 2014
Well, first of all, you compare yourself to your friends as if it were a competition. A pet is a lot of responsibility and hard work. Also, you said you already had two dogs? Why not be satisfied with those? True happiness comes when you are thankful for what you have and not for what you can get. That is true for most things in life...
Answered Mar 19, 2014
I know but they are old and I don't want to keep missing them when the go because it is going to be soon
Do you like horses🐴🐴🐴🐵
rcr12 Mar 27, 2014

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