Why can't I get into the palace of kings in windhelm?

In skyrim on pc, whenever I approach the door to the palace of the kings in windhelm, instead of saying "to: palace of kings" and having the action button, it just says "to" and nothing else and will not allow me close enough to press the action button. If I continue to walk forward, I walk through the door and a blank loading screen appears. It is then stuck on that screen and I have to restart the game. I am in the middle of the "message from whiterun" quest, and I am using mods, if that helps.
Asked Mar 18, 2014
https://www.touristtube.com/hotel-details-Port+Palace+Hotel-60089?hotelSearchRequestId=0&hotelNameCleanTitle=Port+Palace+Hotel&hotelKey=366117&locationId=41178&hotelCityName=Monaco&hotelId=0&fromDate=&toDate=&fromDateC=&toDateC=&singleRooms=0&doubleRooms=1&adultCount=2&childCount=0&childAge1=0&childBed1=parentsBed&childAge2=0&childBed2=parentsBed&childAge3=0&childBed3=parentsBed&childAge4=0&childBed4=parentsBed&childAge5=0&childBed5=parentsBed&childAge6=0&childBed6=parentsBed get in to similar palaces as some oh them have converted in to hotels
Answered Jul 31, 2017

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