Can I get a job during or while in High School?

Not just in the summer but the school weeks.
Asked Mar 17, 2014
I would say you could get a job but just make sure it doesn't interfere with any school work.

Answered Mar 17, 2014
I think you can! I know someone who is working student means she works then go to school. Just try this one just visit this website then become a game tester.
Answered Jun 13, 2018
I worked in a higher college from 1997 to 2014 (when our college closed). Throughout that time, a component of my responsibility was to greatly help students get careers. Initially, it was simple enough. As long as students were willing to arrive and dress correct and interview well, etc., they could just about get yourself a job without an excessive amount of searching.

As the overall economy tanked in the 2000s, it became harder and harder to greatly help college students get jobs since the types of function that had previously been regarded as “for teenagers” had been taken by laid-off adults (e.g. retail, junk food). Inside our area (LA), this situation hasn't actually recovered. It’s still very difficult for students to obtain jobs here.

And you can’t really blame employers. You possess two candidates who'll accept $11/hour. One is in senior high school, which means they’re a probably plus they have minimal job encounter and their routine is quite limited because they need to go to college, and the additional one can be an adult with work knowledge and a wide-open routine, who will you hire? Employers don’t possess employees to accomplish them a favor, they possess employees to get function done to create more cash for the company. Therefore they take the more powerful, more flexible candidate.

Consequently, the most effective way for a higher school student to obtain first job is through their family or a family group friend. Probably that’s disappointing to listen to, but it’s solid guidance. Until you have work experience showing a prospective company, you will need someone who Will hire you as a favor. That might be people who know you as well as your potential.

Good luck. Don’t feel bad if you’re having a hard time. Lots of people are, and not just teenagers. If you would like to learn more about the most commonly asked questions and answers during the interview I would recommend watching this video,

Answered Jul 21, 2018

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