Was this my fault

we are really poor. my dad was bathing me, after I got out he started dressed me he put makeup on me. when he got finished he called someone and said she's ready, when he said that he hung up and walked down stairs and opened the door. my dad told me to go to the bathroom so I did, the man came in and started taking off my clothes he started touching on me I started hollering and kicking. him and my dad holded me down and my dad let him do it. the man said I thought she was suppose to be easy he got up and left. my dad wont feed me he says I need to make up for the money he didn’t get. I want to run away should I? also my friend said it was rape what is rape?
Asked Mar 17, 2014
How bad did it hurt to get dick in u the first time u must have hollered pretty load when heforced his wood in u also did u feel his cum shoot inside u if u have boobs make sure he did not get u prego
hard Mar 26, 2014
I'm sorry../: there's a lot of terrible people out there. That's all I can really say about that.../: but I'm sorry..
Yeah that would be rape. Rape is any sex given without the included parties permission.
Personally, yeah I would run away. But I don't suggest it. I mean, if you have a plan on where to go and everything then that may work, but otherwise you really should call the police.
Answered Mar 17, 2014
thank u so much. I am only 9 I don't no wat I am going 2 do.
i agree and yes call the police. also cfs (child fam service) can help you
Kk <3
I really hope this shit is not true
Answered Mar 17, 2014
I would not lie about this.
O the answer to your. ? Is No it is not your fault call the cops or run away to the police station
what Mar 17, 2014
thank u for everything.
call the police. if you have any friends that you dad doesn't know about, run away to one of their houses and have them take care of you. good luck.
Answered Mar 17, 2014
thank you. I can go to jaslyn!
Don't stay quiet ...... Stand up speak out ....
Answered Mar 18, 2014
Thnx. I can't believe this happened ):
Umm No Sweetie . That Is Sad It Breaks My Heart EveryTime I Read It. I Don't Want Uu To Run Away I Just Want Uu Too Hide Somewhere And Call The Cops . I Don't Know You But I Don't Want Uu Too Live Like This ! The Cops Will Help You, Don't Be Scared && Yeah It's Rape, Rape Is Forced Sex .. :/
Answered Mar 18, 2014

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