My ex boyfriend dumped me what tha mean?

three four weeks ago my friend tell me to sit by her and her friends so I did I ask a boy (my ex) what phone he have he say lg4 I say oh ok... then Saturday night he added me on facebook so I added him back then we start a conservation then I asked him if his classmate have a gf then he say no ...Then he asked me if I like his classmate I say no...then I ask him if he have a girlfriend ? he say that he was looking for one I say oh ok.. then he ask me if I have a bf I say no because people called me ugly then he say your not ugly you look beautiful I say thank you... then we start being girlfriend and boyfriend , then for we text each other every single day then I had a bad dream then I tell him ... he say please don't break our relationship marisa I like you ...then the other day I say it again he say stop your dumbness marisa I say ok then his birthday was coming, then the Thursday I tell him I give you hug for his birthday then Friday night he tell me bad news I say what happened? he say Mariah tell the whole school that me and you together ... then I say please give me one more chance then he say I cant ...but I had talk to the girl she say that she tell no one I say ok ... I let it go ...then march 1,2014 I asked my ex where is my friend then he say she is in the bathroom I say ok... then I was giving him a hand shake but he wanted a hug so I give it to him.. then last week this girl being following him around then he doing the same thing then when she was going into her car he called her name and the girl smiled ..then I text him Monday I say hi what sup then he say that he is cool I say cool.. then I asked him that's your gf ? he say no that's just a friend I say cool then he say yep..then I say I was going to give you a hand shake ... then my ex say Lol I wanted a hug I say ok then I say gtg he asked me if I was going to sleep I say no I say good night what that mean please tell me thank you have a great day and weekend... :)
Asked Mar 16, 2014
Hmmm I'm not really sure but just hang back for a while see what happens maybe just move on and he will be jealous but what you don't wanna do dear, is make everything go wrong so just hang around give him space maybe and just see what happens if I were you though I would look for a new boy one that maybe secretly loves you or... Do something that will mKe your ex notice you for more than just a few weeks stand. Hope this helped :)
Answered Mar 16, 2014
Thank you so much my friend I really appreciate the answer he was in my mind for the three weeks but I am just holding on but thank you again have a great week :)

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