I need some help in my relationship :/

Okay, so I have a few questions that I would prefer that the answers come from girls because I think that they will have better insight on the matters. For some background information I would like to point out that my girlfriend and I have only been dating for about three months but we have know each other for several years now. She lives about forty-five minutes away, and I used to live out there as well but I moved in first grade (didn't know her then but I still have friend's out there as do my parents) I know this is going to sound kinda weird but she was one of my younger sister's friends ( she is in between our ages, my sister is 14, I am 17, and my girlfriend turns 16 in a month ) but since she lives about forty-five minutes away I wasn't really interested in her three years ago when I met her because I knew that I wouldn't be able to see her even if we did date. But, I never really got to know her until around Christmas when my dad's friend that lives out around where she does invited us to a party, it was just the adults hanging out swapping stories like all ancient people do ;) and the kids were inside hanging out, not like a drinking party or anything I'm not real big into that stuff ^.^ but in any case I got her number there and we started texting a lot. There was another one of these same parties out around where she lives for New Years and we were playing hide and seek trying to entertain the younger kids at the party when we had our first kiss, we ended up dating shortly after the ball dropped. Okay so there is the back story about how we started dating and everything ^.^ the questions that I have are probably going to sound stupid and I just wanted someone else's opinion. Thanks in advance to anyone that can give me some advice. The first question is what does it mean when someone sends you one word messages? Sometimes we will be talking in a few sentences at a time and others it is really hard to keep the conversation flowing because all I get is "Oh haha" "lol" "mhm" or other messages like that :/ I don't know if she is just busy, if she is mad at me for something, or what??? Another question is why doesn't she ever want to talk on the phone? I love talking to her but I need to get other stuff done during the day, I have school on weekdays, I work out after school every day that I can and my weekends are pretty busy friends usually Friday night and then my girlfriend on Saturday but in any case I would rather be able to just do everything I need to do for the day and then call and talk on the phone for awhile instead of wasting so much time texting, it just seems like I spend so much time texting that I never get anything done and it just doesn't mean the same as talking and hearing the emotions and understanding better. One to the next question though, I was messing around one day and a Selena Gomez song was on the radio and I said something about her being attractive :/ apparently that is a big no-no and I didn't realize that before so I stopped anything like that because I could tell that she got upset. But then we both watch this show "Supernatural" if you have heard of it but in any case of course the main characters (both male) are very attractive and she will comment on it all the time :/ it really bothers me that she would get upset with me for doing something and then turn around and do it herself, I try not to let it bother me but I subconsciously do it and she always calls me out on it asking why I am upset but I don't think she knows why because I haven't told her that is the reason. One other thing is that we went to both of our high school snowball dances recently and I am not a big fan of dancing but I did a little bit because I knew that she wanted to. But she would go off and dance with her friends in the middle of a song that we were dancing to and I just didn't know what to do because it was at her school and I haven't gone there since first grade so I don't know anyone there. Also, we have gotten into two small arguments since we have been dating and I really want an outside opinion but I don't really have anyone that I can talk to it about at home or in school so I was hoping that someone on here could help me out, the two arguments had to deal with lying. I am a very honest person and I do my very best to never lie. A little background to this question is needed so here it goes . . . when she first became friends with my sister ( long before I talked to her as more than just my little sister's friend ) she has left a note on my brothers bed with her number telling him to text her, when we were dating she said that she only left it there to try to make me jealous, I knew that when she said it she wasn't telling the truth but I let it go because I didn't see how it mattered that much even though I knew she did like him at one point. Then on our to meet her dad after my school's snowball dance I had to give my brother a ride home so he was tagging alone to meet her dad then go home with me, and my younger brother said something about us dating and then my girlfriend said something about him saying no to her and it made me really uncomfortable because she was talking about them and how they could have been together with me right there, it was really awkward and make me feel really bad. After I dropped her off and drove home I texted her about it because I didnt't want to have the conversation with my brother there and she never wants to talk on the phone. She knows how much I hate when people lie especially her because we have talked about it and she said that she would never lie to me no matter the consequences and all that stuff. But when I asked her about that and called her out on the fact that she lied to me already about not liking my brother, she said that she didn't want to get the past mixed up in the present so that's why she didn't tell me that she really did like him ( even though I already knew this ) but then she figured that she should tell me about it when really it was more them talking about it than her telling me about it. It really hurt me and made it so much harder to believe what she said because it was just all lies covering up lies to cover up another lie. So what I don't understand is why she would lie to me in the first place when she said she could tell me anything. I'm sorry that I wrote so much and I doubt that anyone will even read all this but thank you to anyone that does and any advice at all would be much appreciated. I will make a list at the end of this for my questions without all the added details to make it easier to answer.

1) what does it mean when someone sends you one word messages?

2) why doesn't she ever want to talk on the phone?

3) why does she have to bring up other guys all the time and if I say something about a girl I get chewed out for it?

4) why would she want to leave me at a dance to go with her friends and leave me where I don't know anyone and she said she would be back in a few minutes?

5) why does she have to lie about something silly and then make it so much worse?

These are the main ideas of my very long drawn out essay that I attempted to write while being half asleep and sorting everything out in my jumbled mind. Either way any advice is welcome and if there are any questions feel free to ask I will answer them as soon as possible :)
Asked Mar 16, 2014
hi, i'm becky, 16 from the uk, yeah I think you sound like a really great guy and you deserve better than this, she's not mature enough for a relationship yet and maybe you need to look for a new girl bacause things are not going to change, becky x
Answered Mar 16, 2014

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