The guy I like is getting married.

I have this classmate who has a girlfriend. I don't know much about him but I just recently started having feelings for him. As much as I wanted to talk to him, I got shy and just avoided him. I can talk to any guy in our class except him. I also didn't want to get too close to him becuz he has a gf. But now he proposed to his gf and I realized maybe I waited too long to make a move. I know it's wrong to try to get a guy whose already taken. That's why I didn't get too close to him but now I can't stop thinking about what if. And this feeling is so weird since I don't really know much about him but seeing him in class and how he is attracted me. Maybe I just have an idea in my head of the type of person I think he is. I don't want to give so much info becuz I'm so paranoid that someone I know will see this and figure out its me. We're both in college and I think his 31 and I'm 25. I've never been in a serious relationship becuz I was afraid of being in a serious relationship while trying to accomplish my career. There was a guy in my past who would've been my bf but I ended up leaving for school. When I came back he met someone else, who he ended up marrying about 2 years ago. So now with my classmate, I feel like there could've been something between us if I only talked to him some more. Should I say how I feel about him or just let this feeling go?
Asked Mar 14, 2014
Edited Mar 14, 2014
If he likes you you've still got a chance.
But if he doesn't it would be better to let him go.
Talk to him and confess. If he says he likes you back then you could talk about what to do now.
But if he says he doesn't just let him go and you try to move on.
Answered Mar 14, 2014
When I think back to last year, there were times when he would talk to me but I would keep our conversation short. At that time I already started liking him but I just realized how I'm really feeling now that his engaged. I want to tell him but im scared to let him know. What if he doesn't feel the same. It would be so awkward to see him in class. We graduate this December. I think I'm just going to try to get over him without him knowing. Thanks for replying. I'm just venting I can't even focus on my exam this coming week:/
Enna Mar 14, 2014
If you confess it'll help you to move on...and in future you wouldn't regret not telling...wondering "What if I had Told..."
Jane16 Mar 15, 2014
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