I have severe fatigue, what could this be?

I am an 18 year old female, 5'8, approximately 155 pounds. I have been suffering from severe fatigue ever since I was in high school. In grade 11 I was diagnosed with mononucleosis and had symptoms of fatigue, soar throat as well as an enlarged spleen. I'm now in my first year of Nursing at the University of Windsor and are having reoccurring symptoms. I am tired all the time. Even when I sleep 8-9 hours, within 2-3 hours of waking up I am exhausted again. I often find myself cold and have a lack of energy. I have low iron and low B12 and take supplements, as well as a nutritional drink named Veema. Even when I exercise I have shortness of breath and I like too stay active and go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week if I can. When I went to my doctor about my concerns she told me that I was doing everything I could. I asked her if I could have mono again as I have had a soar throat for a few weeks and she said it was unlikely as my spleen would hurt all the time. I am wondering if I could have chronic fatigue syndrome as I was told mononucleosis can turn into chronic fatigue syndrome later in life. However, I did not think the symptoms would return within 2 years. I realize that University causes lots of stress and perhaps the stress and business of life is causing me to become fatigued. However, the biggest concern is even when I get enough sleep I'm still not fully rested. I take 2-4 hour naps almost everyday and its hard for me to participate in activities I enjoy everyday because I am so tired. It's very upsetting that no one thinks this is a huge concern except myself. It is causing depression and unhappiness and I just want to feel energized again and enjoy life!
Asked Mar 11, 2014
Arcalion is a medicine with an active ingrained sulbutiamine, a drug that is a synthetic derivative of thiamine. It helps treat the symptoms of fatigue or generalized weakness. Arcalion ( https://www.medexpressrx.com/arcalion.aspx ) is often used by athletics to boost their performance.
Answered Apr 24, 2020

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