Why did he approach me so directly and sexually?

I met someone in college who I completely fell in love with. He is a very conservative christian with a very strict culture. He grew up in a extremely conservative country. He moved to the united states with his family. He is very smart dedicated person. Are relationship was very good in the beginning. He was my tutor and we would go out and eat together . this lasted about 4 months. I would only hug him to be nice. I am not very religious. So I did not understand him or his culture so I stopped talking to him. I dated other guys and he knew about them.
He did find out I was sexually promiscuous with my last ex. When people would ask him if he would give me another chance he would say no never. He was very hurt by my actions.
I then wrote him an email explaining why I was so sexually desensitized to men. I told him about how I was molested as a little girl. He just read it and didn't respond.I wouLD still see him in person and he was very nice to me but kept his distane . I then wrote him a love letter. Telling him that I would miss him dearly. I explained how unfortunate our situation turned out to be and said my last good byes. He is moving away in 5 months.

He then approached me the next day and asked to talk in person. We did not even talk about anything that had to do with my letters. He began to kiss me very passionately and we ended up foundling each other. I asked him why he broke his religious rules. He said that he did not regret the moment but actually enjoyed a wonderful evening with me. He talks to me regularly and he still very respectful . I just don't understand why he would break his commitment to stay pure? I never approached him in a sexual way. We would just have long walks and talks with hardly any physical contact. I was always sure to respect his beliefs . I was his first kiss.

Is he using me for sexual favors since he has nothing to loose because he's moving?
Asked Mar 11, 2014

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