Group Party Costume Idea for 4 Girls?

My friend's having a 21st in two weeks and we (us four girls) have to go as someone 'famous', it could also be any character or celebrity such as Jack Sparrow, Harry Potter, Audrey Hepburn, vampires, Flintstones, etc.

We're a little suck for ideas because we're on a really tight budget so any help would be seriously appreciated.

Im a platinum blonde, but the other three are varying shades of chestnut brown. All vary in weight and height.

We have a list of group ideas we're considering:
• Zombies (walking dead, etc)
• Greek Gods (goddess')
• Elves (Lord of the Rings style)
• Vampires (twilight/vampire dairies)

Any of the above? or any NEW ideas?

We don't want silly responses please, only people who can offer us some real help, thank you! :)

Also, super creative is really handy, and if you have any website you could recommend for ideas, that would be great!

We want to walk in and be recognisable too, but we DONT want to be buying costumes, only using stuff from home.
(we own a lot of random stuff too, like body and face paint, 20 wigs and other random costume stuff, so think of anything, and we might have it.)


Asked Mar 10, 2014
Me and my sister were rockstars for last Halloween, but you could also be actors/actresses, or characters from one of your favorite movies. I suck at costume ideas too, so this probably didn't help much. Good luck coming up with an idea! :) I'm sure you'll come up with something better than this.
Answered Mar 10, 2014
Pac man :x
Answered Mar 20, 2014
THG characters, the 4 from the Chronicles of Narnia, a famous TV family?
Answered May 11, 2014

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