Good muscle toning exercises?

I want to tone my stomach and legs but my goal set is two months so what exercises would work fastest besides jogging and walking?
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Asked Mar 08, 2014
Lie flat on the ground looking at the ceiling , get a friend to stand right at your head with his legs spread apart roughly a foot in size and hold on to your friends ankles with both hands. straighten your legs and hold them tightly together without you separating them , give your partner your legs so that he or she is basically holding your feet towards his chest. get your partner to push your legs with little force towards the ground. Yes there's a catch , you have to stop your feet from touching the floor. you will be using nothing but stomach and ab muscles to prevent your feet from hitting the ground. once you feel comfortable with the force he is pushing your legs at , tell your partner to step it up a notch. Do this until you seriously cannot do it anymore. Do this 5 days a week.

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Answered Mar 08, 2014

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