Am I obsessed with sex in the wrong way?

I've been in a relationship for going on five years. We've had our ups and downs. Years ago I cheated on her; a stripper put her hands down my pants. We made it past that ... years later, my girlfriend got drunk at a work party and kissed some guys she worked with and then went home and slept in the same room as him alone; she says nothing happend and I'm trying to take her word for it, she did come clean about kissing him. The next couple days we were having sex daily, sometimes a couple time a day. I can't leave out that for years before that our sex life wasn't that good, once a month to a few times a month. Now I seem to be craving it and needing it more, I'm not going about it the wrong way. I try to lead into it with massages and cuddling and kissing, I'm stricking out more often then not and I'm getting upset when it doesn't happen. She says she doesn't feel like it because, she's tired, her stomach hurts, well those are usually the two most common reasons. She tells me shes into me and she wants to have sex with me but I only get the fealing she does when it actually happnes. When it doesn't I feel rejected, then I get upset, I get stressed out. I tell her that I need sometihng and then she gets upset and says I can't get upset and that it will happen when it happens. I just don't see it that way, if it isn't happening when I'm advocating for it and she is never making advances then how can I imagine it's going to happen? How can I deal with this? I've tried jerking off but it's not the orgasm that I'm craving, it's the connection, the vulnerability, I want to feel like one with her. She says we are connecting on other levels and I can see that, I just feel like I need the sex to really feel it. Can I please get some advice
Asked Mar 06, 2014
Sex is supposed to be valuable and special thing, if you keep doing it every day it becomes normal and not much fun as it could have been if it were unexpected. Ease up on her, she just doesn't want a relationship based on sex. Hope this helps!
Answered Mar 08, 2014
i agree, try to easea little bit and maybe shel be happier. doing it all the time isnt the best thing on her body either. or yours, good luck

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