My sister is trying to seduce me! Read details, please.

My full blooded, 17 year old, little sister has been trying to seduce me. I came home from work yesterday and she was laying on the couch in nothing but a tube top and underwear. I was expecting her to jump up, thinking she was just lounging around and didn't realize I was on my way home. But she just lied there and looked at me, smiling. She said "come here and sit" and, hesitantly, I did. I was now sitting beside her and she put her hand on my..crotch and continued to smile. I immediately stood up and told her that she's crazy. That I am her BROTHER. And she merely said "I know, that's what makes it fun". Then this morning I was laying in bed asleep and she runs in the room and jumps on top of me and starts kissing my neck. I pushed her off of me and tried to talk to her calmly but she, once again, put her hand on my crotch and I picked her up and put her in the hallway and locked my door. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. Please, some advice here. I want her to stop, but I don't know how. Every time I try to talk to her, she becomes this sex-crazed woman with no limits.
Asked Mar 04, 2014

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Have you thought about telling your parents? Maybe they can talk to her or get her some help (if that is what she needs). I know that there are a lot of weird and disgusting sexual fads out there right now...incest is one of them. She may think it would be fun or kinky or whatever. But you need to be firm with her and tell her that it's not going to happen between you and that the answer is "NO".

If that doesn't work, I'm pretty sure you could call the cops and claim sexual assault.
Answered Mar 04, 2014
I have thought about telling our parents. But I know that they would be extremely disappointed in her and that she would be in a pretty big amount of trouble. I don't want that. Especially if the cops were to get involved. She's only 17, she doesn't need a 'criminal record'. I've told her no and that it's not going to happen no matter how hard she tries, but she seems to be very consistent and doesn't care. I've told her that there's the possibility of becoming pregnant...with her own brother's child. That doesn't worry or scare her. I suppose I could bluff to tell our parents, but she's pretty detective of a liar.
lol what kind of drugs is she doing lmfao
Answered Mar 04, 2014
Edited Mar 04, 2014
I hope she's not on drugs.
Play along with your sister..she is really horny..what better partner to have it with you..and always remember to wear protection and have her take anti birth pills..have fun
Answered Mar 04, 2014
2. There is always a chance of pregnancy, it would completely screw up the family genes.
3. I am 22 and she is 17. It's illegal.
5. She can tend to her sexual 'needs' in another way. As can I.
6. SHE
7. IS
8. MY

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