Dog is pooping inside (even though she is housetrained)

we have just moved into a new house and have just found out that the previous owners pet (dog) was 17 years old with a very week bladder and was weeing and pooping in various places of the house. unfortunately now my dog, who is housetrained, is beginning poop in random places of the house (including exact places we have cleaned for old excrement) and we believe it is due to the odour of the other dog. what can I do to stop this? is there any solutions I can put down?
Asked Mar 04, 2014
If it is a boy that is probably why because they pee and poo by making they place
Answered Mar 25, 2014
Maybe they is something outside that scares her
rcr12 Mar 25, 2014
sometimes it means depressed and scared try going out to the toilet with her
Answered Jan 10, 2015
I think this is happened due to previous dog pee and poo smelly place. As we know that all dogs have great smelly nature. So you can try some good room air fresheners. As you told that you have shifted into a new house, so it could also possible that your dog found something strange at there. So you need to do proper care and trained your dog daily. You can also share your problems with online dog lover community
Answered Jan 15, 2016

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