I just deleted a world in minecraft can I get it back?

i was deleting useless worlds in minecraft and I accidentally deleted MY FAVORITE WORLD(My BEST world). Now I have this feeling of sad and mad at myself. What should I do? D':
Asked Mar 01, 2014
If you had the world with friends an shared it with them they should still have it and can share it with you again.but if we're alone in the world I'm sorry to say it's gone....sadly I've been there
Answered Mar 25, 2015
Actually, if you didn't share the world with anyone, you can still recover it if you remember the seed EXACTLY. However, you would probably want to write them down. I used this trick to get rid of the height limit in my world. I built a city on a flat world but the height limit tried to stop me, to I deleted the world and made a copy of it with Tunneler's Dream below it, so I no longer need to worry about building too high.

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