How can I get ungrounded for my bad grades?

I failed a class at school (grade 7) and my parents have grounded me. I have been grounded for over three weeks now. I have a very important commitment to help out with a fundraiser tonight and I am not allowed to go. I have done everything within my power to boost my grades including redoing all of the work and submitting it to my teacher. My parents agreed at the beginning of my grounding that I could be ungrounded as soon as I submitted all of my work but on the day that I submitted my work (1 week ago) they changed it. They said that they could not trust me and they needed a note from my teacher with my new grade on it. My teacher has not marked any of my work yet and I know that this is because it is not priority but I really need to go to this fundraiser tonight and school is already over so I can not ask my teacher to grade my papers. I really need to go tonight because I was supposed to be running a station for some younger children and I feel like I am stranding the other girl who is working with me by not going. I know that two other people who were supposed to be helping as well are going to be absent because of illness and I really want to go to help. My parents are very sure of this grounding and I don't think that exchanging this day for another day of being grounded will even work. I have even tried to prove to them that I can be responsible now. If this even changes anything, today I got an award for excellence in another subject and I have been completely changing my ways for a homework first lifestyle and and have done something about the reason I failed the class. I am almost afraid to ask them to unground me for fear that they will only extend my sentence but this this fundraiser is very important to me and I NEED to go. Thank you in advance
Asked Feb 27, 2014
Edited Feb 27, 2014
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Answered Mar 20, 2018
Oh ya cause thats gonna work.
Answered Apr 29, 2018
Maybe if you explain the situation to them they will understand but when explaining you need to take responsibility for the fact that if you had cared more about your grades you would not be in this position. That being said you truly need to take responsibility for your actions and the consequences
Answered May 03, 2018

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