Seeing myself in a mirror in my dream, what does it mean?

Last night I dreamed that there wasa zombie apocolypses, I was in a shack with 2 other people and we were running out if food. So I go out and I find this abandoned hotel and I walk through it trying to find some food. Well I start hearing laughing and I go to the source and open the door and there is aground lf people in there taking showers, eating, all the lights on and just having fun. I ask how they got rubbing water and electricity and the tell me they flounder a generator to power the hotel. I long did shower (I mean I was probubly pretty dirty) and they said u could. Well I walk in the bathroom and lookup and I vs clearly see myself in the mirror, dirty with messy hair and no glasses (I wear glasses all the tkme so this was strange) and basically theftr goes on and on but I was wondering about seeing yourself in a mirror. Ehat does it mean? I asked my boyfriend about it SND he told me that you can't see yourself in mirrors I dreams, just like how clocks DKNT don't workin dreams. But it happened I clearly saw myself. What dies it mean? Please explain. You can explain my whole dream if you want but I really would like to know about the mirror.
Asked Feb 26, 2014

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