Did ups lose my package?

Here's a link to my package information : http://www.pixentral.com/show.php?picture=1EaUWBjYrd8BuXVPiBH3a5QaWO5d60

Details :
- I ordered Next Day Air Saver (2/21/2014)
- Scheduled for delivery yesterday (2/24/2014)
- As it got later and later yesterday, I called them a couple times and they all said it was on the truck and would be delivered. (Even though there is no record of it being scanned for "Out for Delivery")
- I woke up today (2/25/2014) and checked the status and nothing changed so I called and had them request an investigation.
- They had me call my shipper and tell them to do something on their end.

One interesting thing to point out is that it arrived in my area on Saturday. And on Saturday it said out for delivery, but it never came. It was Sunday when I woke up that someone changed it to Destination Scanned (same time/date as it was for out for delivery), and completely eliminated the "Out For Delivery" text.

So now they say they have 7 days to conclude the investigation. It really is a pain to have to continue to wait on something I expected to have "Next Day"

How can my package get all the way to the final hub to be out for delivery, and then get lost? Maybe some of you have had a similar experience or maybe more information about what could have happened.
Asked Feb 25, 2014
@imawalrus I've already called gotten a refund on the shipping. I ordered a phone from T-Mobile and they told me that the investigation has to come to a conclusion before they refund me for the phone.

My question was more centered toward UPS. And how they can lose a package after it being scanned at the nearest hub. It seems all that's left is putting it on the truck.
drobe23 Feb 25, 2014
One, you need to call the place you ordered it from, and be like, "I asked for next day delivery, and it's been... (however long). See, my dad ordered something for his Fiance to arrive ON valentines day to her work, and it did not because in my area, there was an ice storm and blah blah blah crazy south!!! haha, anyway, so yeah, first call the place you ordered from, and then if it STILL doesn't come... I would ask for a refund or something, but yeah DEFINITLY call the place; that's what we did. Hope I helped and I hope you get your package!
Answered Feb 25, 2014
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