Discuss the supply chain management as a management philosophy

disccuss the supply chain management as a management phillosophy
Asked Feb 25, 2014

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It is all about the flow of products n other goods throughout the process. It includes the movement as well as storage of the raw materials, inventory during work-in-process and transferring of produced goods from origin point to consumption point. You may approach any Global consulting company like http://www.bmgindia.com/ to devise a strategic management program.
Answered May 29, 2014
Edited May 29, 2014
Changing economic conditions require flexible business models that allow organizations to adapt quickly and well. New knowledge for human resource development (HRD) can be gleaned through innovative supply chain management (SCM).

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Answered May 29, 2014
The concept of supply chain management is to overlook and manage the transition of raw goods in to finished products, something that has become necessary over the years as more corporations have become increasingly flexible and dependent on outsourcing the production of their goods to other corporations, who are able to do the job at a more affordable rate.

Supply chain management makes sure that this process is done in an efficient manner, and that the quality of the finished product offered to the consumer is kept in line with that company’s standards.
Answered Jul 20, 2015
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