How to know if a guy likes you (i am a guy)

I am a heterosexual male and I have a girlfriend. I just was curious to know how a guy might show he is interested in another guy.
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Asked Feb 24, 2014
First of all: I am most certainly NOT a homophobic and some gay/lesbian/bisexual people are my best friends.

Ok, for most gay people that I've met you can easily tell that they aren't really guys on the inside. The things they wear, the way they talk, the way they carry themselves. I know that is very stereotypical, but that's the way it is for most gay men. If you can't obviously tell that he likes guys, then just listen to what EmoWolfie has to say up there!
Answered Mar 14, 2014
i agree completely, it is fairly stereotypical but its the most acurate way to tell. also my being les, and others that are LGBTQ may have something they refer to a "gaydar" and yes it sounds dumb, but its true. while others cant tell or dont have a hot clue, we can tell. if you know for a fact that someone is LGBTQ then ask them about the person.
The typical flirting that happens between you and your girlfriend but from a guy. Eye gazing into, brushing of shoulders or hands, the occasional compliment or sexy look. Not to difficult to tell if they are out, usually.
Answered Feb 27, 2014
I disagree with saying you can just tell. I understand you stated from the gay men you have seen, but this goes to show you have not seen many. I know several who dont act gay whatsoever. They dont dress promply, they dont spend hours doing make up in the morning, they are 100% straight acting. Best way to know is to simply ask. If they know you then they should know you have a girlfriend. Most of this comment was appointed to SaySayElise. Thank you
Answered Mar 29, 2014
Answered Apr 05, 2015

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