Parental advice for mental disorders.

Hey, I am a 15 year old male, of far above average intelligence. I have been afflicted with severe depression, anxiety and mood swings since I was a kid. My psychiatrist also noted how, because of my illness, I have a tendency to become ill very often.

I am not the "black sheep" of my family, my two sisters have bipolar tendencies and hallucinations, and my parents are fairly messed up. My sisters and I have suicidal tendencies, which almost worked many times, most involved me saving them when it was almost too late. Now the question, my mother is party to most of my problems, except for my suicidal tendencies. Now my depression is paralyzing, and even though my parents are aware of this, my mother tries to go on a "natural" route to medicate me, which never worked with the rest of my family, and my dad is gone way too much to help me with anything. Every time I am in one of my moods, my mother always tries to ignore what I said, either it be I might hurt myself or I need to talk to someone. She also hits me whenever I am in a paralyzing mood, thinking that I am faking and trying to get me moving. My mom always screams at my older sisters, who are worse than me. I guess I want to know is why is she so intolerant of us, is it because she is afraid or what?
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Asked Feb 24, 2014
You're mother may just not be aware of what you're going through. I was diagnosed with bulimia and whenever I was having a bad day, no one would understand. I think the best thing to do is talk to her about it. Inform her about everything you're dealing with and how it hurts you when she becomes intolerant and hostile towards you. Best of luck :)
Answered Feb 24, 2014

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