Im 12 years old and im getting bulled for the way I look.

Im 12 years old, and have recently started high-school, I get made fun of because I have bucked teeth it wasn't at all bad at first, but now its just getting worse, I cry my self to sleep every night because of this, I really don't know what to do. I have tried to get in contact with the author dentist, and I haven't had a reply in months.

Its boys that do it, and I don't know what to say back to them..its like I'm locked up and I have no say.

I try not to cry when they call me names and start telling other people.

I have a best friend that is by my side, but she doesn't say anything to them. When they say stuff to me a turn round the corner and cry.
Will this make them call me more names, because they know it affects me?
Is this just making them feel good about themselves?
Asked Feb 23, 2014
yes it is don't take what they say to heart they're just being dicks lol don't be afraid to stand up for yourself don't get physical just keep it calm don't show them how much it hurts itll get worse just go threw it itll get better next year they'll forget who you are new people will come in and they'll start with them need a friend message me at [email protected] I been threw it too im a girl
Answered Feb 23, 2014
You seem like a good person and your teeth dont matter. They just need to feel better about themselfs because there so pathetic they think if they insult other people it will make there problems go away. Dont mind them and if they bother you enough as blayzebunny said stand up for yourself. Or you could tell a teacher. Just remember that your better than them.
Answered Feb 23, 2014
There just booty faces ignore them jejus is by your side and beauty is inner not outer
Answered Dec 27, 2016 is a wonderful site for dealing with bullies
Answered Dec 16, 2017

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