Fender bass questions.

My cousin owned a Fender Squier Mike Dirnt Precision bass, but he got a better one and ripped out the jack and took off the pickguard. The wire remaining is "two wires in one", a wire with another insulated wire in the center. Where can I find the pickguard, jack, and jackplate, and which pole of the bipolar wire is which? Thanks in advance.
Asked Feb 22, 2014
You can find almost any kind of guitar part on ebay and usually for a lot cheaper than on guitar parts sites. If you need help with wiring just google search for "Fender P Bass wiring schematic" and I guarantee you will find a bunch of diagrams in the images. Fender P Basses are very common so parts should be cheap and easy to find and they all should be wired pretty much the same unless it has something special like active pickups (you will know they are active if the bass will requires a battery). Just make sure you have someone who knows what they are doing solder the wires for you. I hope that helps.
Answered Feb 24, 2014
I ordered a Warmoth custom pickguard, a jackplate, and some strap buttons, and I'm redoing the wiring myself. It's a fine bass axe even as is.

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