How to not be ugly and fat?:(

I'm 5 feet tall,10 years old,and about 105 pounds. I really want to lose weight. People are gonna say oh you're average blah blah blah. I don't care if I am. It bothers me,how to lose weight? I also have dermatitis under my nose and on my cheeks. It's red,dry,and itchy. I have face wash and pills for it,prescribed by my dermatologist,and it isn't working. My mom keeps saying," Oh it looks so much better!" It DOESN'T!! How to get rid of it? I also play alot of sports,so I have blackheads,and like 1 day after I get extractions they come back. My skin has freckles. Everyone says to put on lemon juice. I'm afraid that will irritate my dermatitis,and we don't have any lemons. I exfoliate my skin,but it doesn't help. My skin tone on my face is naturally red in some places. I can't wear make up to cover it,and I don't want to wear it. Please HELP! I want to be the skinny girl with clear skin!
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Asked Feb 19, 2014
Edited Feb 19, 2014

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