Need help about girl and sexual relationship

o I am friends with this girl at my college, it is a very small school, she has been a good friend for me, she been there when I needed help. I really care about this girl I will do anything in the world for her, I really like her, I am basically in her friend zone I accepted that fact. I am on the football team, she has slept, with a lot of my teammate friends people I know. I don't judge her for it, but it is awkward that my good friend is a ****, its weird when I go in the locker room and guys talk about how they want to get with her and think she is a ****, it makes me not want to be friends with her. She a nice person and has a good heart, I feel like I am to nice to her, I have helped through a lot of **** and has done a lot for her, she has done a good bit for me to.

She was studying abroad for months we talked everyday and stuff, I really care about her, some days I get the feeling she doesn't really care about me as much. She always tells me she wants to hangout go places, when I ask her about it she ignores me, or I feel like she dosnt appreciate stuff I do for her. I help her out and stuff trying to be a good friend. It weird she will come to my room looking for me, I wont be around she will call or text me, ask me where I am, who I am I with which is weird its not like we are dating or ever dated, I don't understand why she does that. She always tells me I am her best friend and that bull **** I care about her, I feel lie she cares about me, some days I feel like she dosnt care about me, she will ignore me. I never told her I know people she hooked up and stuff I don't want her to make her feel awkward. It a weird situation to be having your friend be a ****, I feel like I shouldn't be her friend somedays. It weird when your friend ***** your friends, or teammates, I feel like thats a sign she dosnt care about me. Or when she tells me she wants to hangout go somewhere, ill ask if she wants to go and she ignores me or makes up a excuse. I shouldn't trust a ****? We have had good times togther, I feel like I am to nice to her. Its weird she texted me everyday when she was gone and stuff, I can tell if she actually cares about me, its weird she questions me where I was who I was with and stuff, I hanged out with this girl one time and she asked everyone what girl it was and what we did. I don't know what I should do with this situation, its a weird situation.
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Anonymous User
Asked Feb 18, 2014
Indeed a weird situation, but to put it simply break the tie. I don't think that you two hanging out is good for either of your reputations, especially if she is being called a ****. If you cannot do this, at least be distant for a little while, and if she doesn't realize she is losing a good friend because of her actions, she is not good for you or worth your time. It's college, there are plenty of fish. Sorry if this is a bit blunt, but it's what I feel is the right course of action for this situation with my experience.
Answered Feb 18, 2014
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