Do long distance relationship work?

me and my boyfriend have a long distance relationship and we do really care about each other u can even say its love but I want to know ur opinion on long distance relationships and do they really work???
Asked Feb 18, 2014
Long distance relationships don't usually work out.
However, There are cases where when visiting often. IT CAN.
You call often and visit maybe twice a month or once a month. It can work out.
if you don't visit then the relationship isn't really going to work out and you should think about how you feel. If your comfortable with keeping the situation as is. then talk to your other about it. and don't try to be pushy that you want to stay together. If he wants to see others then you should consider their feelings. After all a relationship is about people being together. wither it be sex love or other reasons. you both should want to be together and if your not feeling satisfied with the relationship drop it there are many other people that can fit your needs.
Answered Feb 18, 2014
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Answered Feb 07, 2019

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